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  • Lincat Boiling Top, Oven and Falcon Salamander

    Product Code: CF1490
  • Lincat Twin Tank Gas Fryer

    Product Code: CF1488
  • Lincat Silverlink 6 Burner Gas Oven SLR9C/N

    Product Code: CF1471
  • Used Lincat Silverlink 600 4 Burner Natural Gas

    Product Code: CF1455

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat Twin Panini Grill Ribbed Plates

    Product Code: CF1450
  • Used Lincat IH21 Electric Counter Top Induction Hob - 2 Zones

    Product Code: CF1422

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat Silverlinc GS3/C Hard Chrome Plate Griddle

    Product Code: CF1421
  • Used Lincat Electric Counter Top Conveyor Toaster

    Product Code: CF1413
  • Used Lincat 67.7 counter top convection oven

    Product Code: CF1391

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat 67.7 counter top convection oven with Stacking Kit

    Product Code: CF1390
  • Used Lincat water boiler

    Product Code: CF1364

    Out of stock

  • Used Buffalo Contact Grill

    Product Code: CF1333

    Out of stock

  • Lincat Hot Cupboard- Single Phase

    Product Code: CF1332
  • Used Lincat 10 Grid White Efficiency OSC WE 101 Combi Oven, Electric

    Regular Price: £3,995.00

    Special Price £3,499.00

    Product Code: CF1328

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat chip scuttle

    Product Code: CF1315
  • Used Lincat BS4 Dry Heat Baine Marie

    Product Code: CF1298
  • Used Lincat Twin Gas Fryer

    Product Code: CF1258
  • Used Lincat Pasta Boiler

    Product Code: CF1247

    Out of stock

  • Lincat P8B5 Hot Cupboard With Bain Marie Top

    Product Code: CF1195

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat V7 Fan Assisted Electric Oven

    Product Code: CF1158

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat GR3 Electric Salamander Grill

    Product Code: CF1153

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat V6F/D Silverlink 600 Oven Fan assisted with Glass Door

    Product Code: CF1152
  • Used Lincat Bain Marie - Wet Heat - LBM2W

    Product Code: CF1137

    Out of stock

  • Lincat GS6/TFR Fully Ribbed Griddle with Stand

    Product Code: CF1020

    Out of stock

  • Lincat LPW Food Warmer Pie Cabinet

    Product Code: CF1018

    Out of stock

25 Item(s)

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