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Used Prep Equipment

Used commercial catering preparation equipment

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  • Used De Buyer Ultra Deluxe Mandoline

    Product Code: CF1562
  • Used Waring Light Duty Quik Stix Stick Blender WSB33XK

    Product Code: CF1285
  • Paella Warmer 4 Stack

    Product Code: CF1009
  • Williams TW18 Thermowell

    Product Code: CF1477
  • Floor Standing Planetary Mixer 20ltr

    Product Code: CF1502
  • Hobart 20Ltr Countertop Mixer HSM20

    Product Code: CF1595
  • Used Sammic SAM-3000 Cutlery Dryer-Polisher

    Product Code: CF1246
  • Used Sirman Canova 300 Heavy Duty Food Slicer (300mm Blade)

    Product Code: CF1320
  • BRAND NEW BOXED Kitchen Aid Heavy Duty Stand Mixer 5KSM7591XBWH Electric Single Phase

    Product Code: CF1589
  • Used Waring CL586 Stainless Steel Blender with Tap

    Product Code: CF1182
  • Used Blue Seal Turbofan P10M Electric Prover and Holding Cabinet

    Product Code: CF1312

    Out of stock

  • Used Robot Coupe CMP300VV Stick Blender

    Product Code: CF1373
  • Hobart A120 Mixer with Attachments

    Product Code: CF1016
  • Used Sammic SV-520T Vacuum Packing Machine

    Product Code: CF1261
  • Used Plutone 7 Planetary Mixer

    Product Code: CF1416
  • Alto Shaam 500-3DN Triple Stacked Halo Narrow Warming Drawers

    Product Code: CF1476
  • Countertop Planetary Mixer 10Ltr

    Product Code: CF1501
  • Hobart H600 - Commercial Floor Standing Mixer - 60 Litre

    Product Code: CF1592
  • Used Vitamix touch and go 2 blending station

    Product Code: CF1238
  • Used Lincat chip scuttle

    Product Code: CF1315
  • Used Chilled Display Unit Trimco Zurich II

    Product Code: CF1385

    Out of stock

  • Victor Banquetline Two Door BL200H2

    Product Code: CF1467

    Out of stock

  • Small 2 Door Hot Cupboard on Wheels

    Product Code: CF1482

    Out of stock

  • Used Victor Commercial Plate Warmer

    Product Code: CF1120

    Out of stock

  • Used Stainless Steel Table with Overhead Heated Gantry

    Product Code: CF1166

    Out of stock

Items 1 to 25 of 43 total

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