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Used specialist commercial catering equipment

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  • Digital Advertising Outdoor 32" Digital Signage Display

    Product Code: CF1377
  • Used Foster BCT51 Blast Chiller

    Product Code: CF1299
  • Used Bunn Thermofresh 5.7 Ltr Single DBC Bulk Brewer

    Product Code: CF1295
  • Used JM Posner Chocolate Fountain SQ1

    Product Code: CF1287
  • Used Amcor PLM 12KE-410 Portable Air Conditioning Unit

    Product Code: CF1280
  • Used Taylor 150-40 Ice Cream Machine

    Product Code: CF1279
  • Used Buffalo L714 Stainless Steel Soup Kettle

    Product Code: CF1254

    Out of stock

  • Used Buffalo G107 Graphite Grey Soup Kettle

    Product Code: CF1253

    Out of stock

  • Used Buffalo L715 Black Soup Kettle

    Product Code: CF1252
  • Used Prince-Castle Conveyor Toaster

    Product Code: CF1249
  • Used Lincat Pasta Boiler

    Product Code: CF1247

    Out of stock

  • Used Sammic SAM-3000 Cutlery Dryer-Polisher

    Product Code: CF1246
  • Used Blue Ice Table Top Ice Cream Machine T15

    Product Code: CF1300

    Out of stock

  • Used Cooktek 4 Induction Hobs with Stainless Steel Table

    Product Code: CF1302

    Out of stock

  • Used Jack stack - 100 plates

    Product Code: CF1371
  • Used Easiyo food service

    Product Code: CF1362
  • Used Rational mobile oven rack

    Product Code: CF1355
  • Used Rational mobile plate rack

    Product Code: CF1354
  • Used Ice-O-matic Ice machine

    Product Code: CF1334
  • Used Steel Single Tier Tray Dispense Trolley

    Product Code: CF1325
  • Used 20 Tray Black Self Clearing Trolley

    Product Code: CF1324
  • Used 24 Tray Black Self Clearing Trolley

    Product Code: CF1323
  • Used Rubbermaid Catermax 100 Insulated Food Storage Unit Platinum Pair

    Product Code: CF1322

    Out of stock

  • Used Lincat chip scuttle

    Product Code: CF1315
  • Used Blue Seal Turbofan P10M Electric Prover and Holding Cabinet

    Product Code: CF1312
  • Used Vitamix touch and go 2 blending station

    Product Code: CF1238
  • Used Tecnodom serve over counter

    Product Code: CF1220
  • Used plate warmer servery unit on wheels

    Product Code: CF1112
  • Used cutlery stand on wheels

    Product Code: CF1111

    Out of stock

  • Used Caterlite Food Warming Tray

    Product Code: CF1106
  • Used Multivac C100 Vacuum Packer

    Product Code: CF1086

    Out of stock

  • Used Carpigiani 191 N'ICE Ice Cream / Frozen Yoghurt Machine

    Product Code: CF1084

    Out of stock

  • Used Wine Display Cabinet and Cooler

    Product Code: CF1082
  • Falcon G2994 Bratt Pan

    Product Code: CF1030
  • Crypto Peerless TRS Vegetable Preparation Machine

    Product Code: CF1024

    Out of stock

  • Metcalfe Globus 250 Meat Slicer

    Product Code: CF1022

    Out of stock

  • Rational SCC 10 Grid (Self Cooking Centre) 101 Combi Oven

    Product Code: CF1014

    Out of stock

  • Paella Warmer 4 Stack

    Product Code: CF1009
  • Used Bain Marie, Hot Cupboard and Overhead Gantry

    Product Code: CF1114

    Out of stock

  • Used Cold Servery Unit on Wheels

    Product Code: CF1115
  • Used Hot Servery Unit, Induction Hob, Baine Marie, Hot Cupboard and Gantry

    Product Code: CF1116

    Out of stock

  • Used Igloo serve over counter

    Product Code: CF1219
  • Used Iberital Junior 2 Group Espresso Machine

    Product Code: CF1199

    Out of stock

  • Used Astoria Gloria Automatic 3 Group Espresso Machine Chrome SAE

    Product Code: CF1197
  • Used Merrychef Eikon e4

    Regular Price: £2,995.00

    Special Price £2,450.00

    Product Code: CF1196
  • Used Henny Penny Humidified Fried Chicken Display HCW-5

    Regular Price: £2,995.00

    Special Price £2,495.00

    Product Code: CF1188
  • Used Polar 170ltr Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

    Product Code: CF1181

    Out of stock

  • Used Roller Grill 10 Plate Hot Plate Unit

    Product Code: CF1138
  • Used Rational Mobile Plate Rack 120 Plate

    Product Code: CF1131
  • Used Mainca Table Top PP5 Vacuum Packer

    Product Code: CF1130

    Out of stock

  • Used Roll Top Chafing Dish

    Product Code: CF1126
  • Used Victor Commercial Plate Warmer

    Product Code: CF1120
  • Somerset CDR-1550 Dough Roller

    Product Code: CF1019

    Out of stock

  • Commercial Extraction Ventilation Canopy with Lighting - Used Commercial Kitchen Canopy

    Regular Price: £2,495.00

    Special Price £1,900.00

    Product Code: CF1029

    Out of stock

  • Used IPSO WFH 185 Rigid Mount Fast Spin Washer

    Product Code: CF1124

    Out of stock

  • Used GAM PSP700-10 10kg / 22lb Potato Peeler

    Product Code: CF1162

    Out of stock

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